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Texas Tattoo Jam 2015 A Bust

Texas Tattoo Jam 2015 A Bust

Texas Tattoo Jam Logo ImageThis weekend was the Texas Tattoo Jam in San Antonio, TX at the San Antonio Convention Center. The convention came to a stop about 2pm on Saturday when the decorator showed up with a bounced check in hand and wanted to break down the pipe, drapes, tables and chairs. The entertainers wanted to be paid and there was no money to pay them. The venue had been alerted of a funding issue but was willing to let the event go on as they knew it was not the artist or tattoo collector’s fault. A decision was made to cancel the remainder of the show due to these circumstances out their control.

Allegedly, the promoter of the event, Renee “Red” Neilson skipped out on paying the hotel bill, bounced a check with the decorator and had not paid the contracted amount to the convention center. Even with the convention center agreeing to allow Renee “Red” Neilson to pay them throughout the event there was just not enough money. The SA Convention Center had received a call from the hotel stating that the promoter had bailed out on her responsibility. This led to their hotel rooms being locked until payment was secured by the room’s occupants. (The promoter had guaranteed paid rooms to certain show entertainment as part of their contract to perform at the show.)

“We have never had a promoter do this. We are a family owned business and unfortunately everyone lost. The damage control has been overwhelming.” said a source at the SA Convention Center.

The source at the convention center also hopes that a tattoo show will return to their venue in the future as San Antonio is a great place. They don’t want this unfortunate situation held against them. We could not agree MORE with their statement or concerns as we can’t blame them, the hotel or vendors for the events that unfolded.

What? How? Why did this happen? These are the questions everyone wants to know and details are still coming in from newsfeeds and event participants. Only time will give us a complete picture of what has happened. We will continue to update this article as more information becomes available . Remember most of this information is still just alleged at this time, pending any charges, etc… Remember innocent until proven guilty.

The promoter of the event, Renee “Red” Neilson has seen her share of controversy in the past. Renee Neilson, known better as “Red” was part of the Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo who was let go for “misappropriation of funds” as reported by the San Antonio CurrentThe San Antonio Current met with Sylvia Fernandez, president of Nikita Productions to discuss both events just a week apart. These quotes were pulled from this interview:

Sylvia Fernandez, president of Nikita, told the San Antonio Current that Neilson was fired last year because of “misappropriation of funds.” She deemed Neilson’s new venture “pretty ridiculous,” adding she started the event because of “other personal issues,” but declined to get into specifics.”

She accused Neilson of luring exhibitors through underhanded tactics.

“I know for a fact that she has solicited a lot of my artists and told them Slinging Ink had changed their name to Texas Tattoo Jam,” Fernandez said. “A lot of my artists signed up with her thinking it was my event.”

Here is the full article: http://www.sacurrent.com/sanantonio/back-to-back-sa-tattoo-conferences-expose-rift/Content?oid=2409103

[Editors Note: Pete L. Gonzales one of the founders of Nikita Productions was gunned down and killed on March 15th days before the Slinging Ink Tattoo Convention. See complete article at: http://www.sacurrent.com/Blogs/archives/2015/03/16/rip-pete-l-gonzalez-owner-of-210-kapones ]

We just hope that issues like this wont put a black cloud over other tattoo & body art conventions, shows and expos in the near future.

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