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Art of Frank La Natra – Into the Woods Gallery

Art of Frank La Natra

Frank La Natra

In this Artist Spotlight, we are looking at the Art of Frank La Natra. We first met Frank La Natra at the Cape Tattoo Expo in Wilmington, NC. His unique style and way of telling a story in his artwork made him an artist to follow. Continue reading Art of Frank La Natra – Into the Woods Gallery

Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App

Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App


Tattoodo, a digital community for all things tattoo-related co-founded by world famous tattoo artist Ami James (who you may remember from Miami Ink), is announcing its mobile application launch on iOS and Android. Think of Tattoodo’s app as Pinterest’s badass cousin, where you can find the content you crave through categories and tags, and share and compare your own ink with others. You can also view the latest designs by renowned tattoo artists showcasing their albums and even get an inside look at their shops.

Tattoodo is essentially a one-stop tattoo shop for every ink addicts’ needs and already has a fanbase of over 13 million tattoo lovers so users can find the inspiration they’re looking for. Continue reading Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App

Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

Dave Champion Image Tattoo
(Image Source – https://davechampionsliberty.com)

Tattoo discrimination in the workplace is more common then one might think. With the number of people who have tattoos increase so are the chances of being discriminated against. It is said that a tattooed person does not pass judgment on a person with no tattoos but it can be said the other way around – for the most part. Who agrees with me? Dave Champion does; in fact he is bringing the same passion on tattoo discrimination in the workplace as he does to fight for our liberty.

Tattooed Need Not Apply

Almost every generation or ethnic group is faced with some type of discrimination. Just think back to the 60’s and the hippie movement, when signs were posted at businesses stating “No Long Hair People Need Apply”. As Dave Champion stated in his blog article titled, “The Ugly Truth About Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace” we first need to understand what discrimination is:

Discriminate: (verb, used without object) – to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit.1

Basically it boils down to hiring managers, HR departments and / or recruiters who have a misconception that appearance is directly related to one’s ability to do a specific job. As Dave Champion said in his article: Continue reading Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace