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Carriage House 2015 Coverage

Carriage House Tattoo Gathering 2015 Coverage

This past Labor Day was the 2015 Carriage House Tattoo Gathering in Lenoir, NC. This was the inaugural event that attracted top tattoo artists from all over the world. The event organizers were Big Gus, Tony Olivas, and Chris Holifield. The master of ceremonies was none other than Joe Germinario, aka Joey Tattoo from Spike TV’s hit series Tattoo Rescue. We would like to thank all involved for the opportunity to cover this event and all the hospitality.

Joe CapobiancoCarriage House Tattoo 2015

Carriage House Tattoo 2015

Carriage House Tattoo 2015

Carriage House Tattoo 2015
Deirdre Franklin & Tabatha Acosta of Pinups for Pitbulls

Paul Kirk Continue reading Carriage House 2015 Coverage

Joie Sunshine


Joie Sunshine

Joie Sunshine Tattoo
Photographer : Raul Shoots
Instagram : @raulshoots
Website: www.raulshoots.com

This week’s artist interview is with Joie Sunshine of The VIP Room in Miami, Florida. Joie has only been tattooing for a short period of time but her work reminded me of the old “street” shop tattoos. We caught up with Joie Sunshine between appointments and trips to Disney.

How long have you been tattooing for?

I’ve been tattooing professionally for three years.

Have you always want to be a tattoo artist?

No, I didn’t always want to be a tattoo artist. It was something I just sort of fell into. As a child, I always loved to draw and color. Once I started school I always made sure to take an art class from elementary school all the way to college. I love going to museums and art galleries. I’m always looking for inspiration.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  

I was sixteen years old. Ugh ! It’s a tribal on my lower back. It was a birthday gift from the late Rob G. No funny or interesting story to accompany it lol. I have plans to cover it up once I start my back piece. Continue reading Joie Sunshine

Carriage House Tattoo Gathering 2015

Carriage House Tattoo Gathering 2015

Carriage House Tattoo Gathering ImageThe Carriage House Tattoo Gathering 2015 is the biggest thing to happen in Lenoir, NC since Google decided to open their state of the art data center there. The world’s greatest tattoo artists are coming together at the famous Carriage House Distillery on September 4th through the 6th to put on a must not miss event.

Some of the attending artists are:

Carlos Torres, Roman Abrego, Bob Tyrrell, Marshall Bennett, Tony Olivas, Rich Pineda, Paul Kirk, Megan Jean Morris ,Poch, Travis Broyles, Mark Longenecker, Abey Alvarez, Kalm, Mr Flaks ,James Vaughn, Klown Low Rider, Ryan Mullins, Rob Struven, Big Meas, Josh Payne, Dave Tevenal, Timothy Boor, Myke Chambers,  Anam Canad , Jasmine, Joey Tattoo and many more.  Continue reading Carriage House Tattoo Gathering 2015