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Claire Reid Ajna Tattoo Australia

Claire Reid of Ajna Tattoo,  Australia

Claire Reid Tattoo Profile Picture Image Our Artist Spotlight is with Claire Reid of Ajna Tattoo. In keeping with our promise of bringing more international artists to everyone, Claire’s studio is located in New South Wales, Australia. The studio’s name may sound familiar to you and it should, we interviewed another talented artist from their last year – Jacob Gwynn. Claire’s artwork in the style of color realism is simply breathtaking. We caught up with Claire as she traveled doing guest spots here in the states.

We know you have been tattooing for a decade; how did you get into tattooing?

Yes, I started tattooing in 2005 just after I finished my studies at the University. I was piercing at the time and really wanted to learn how to tattoo but my boss didn’t think that my art was good enough. One of the other tattoo artists had seen my sketchbook where I was doodling characters in ball point pen and he thought that I had a style. So he convinced my boss into letting me be an apprentice, there was one catch; if I couldn’t learn to tattoo in six weeks I had to go back to piercing. Continue reading Claire Reid Ajna Tattoo Australia

Jacob Gwynn Ajna Tattoo

Jacob Gwynn Ajna Tattoo

jacob gwynn profile
Claire Reid & Jacob Gwynn

This week we continue our International Artist Spotlight with Jacob Gwynn of Ajna Tattoo in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia. Jacob Gwynn has only been tattooing for a short period of time but has developed into one of NSW top artists. Jacob has always been into art and his drawings / tattoos show his dedication to the lifestyle. We caught up with Jacob at Ajna Tattoo.

How long have you been tattooing?

I started tattooing professionally in January 2014. I apprenticed under Claire Reid at Ajna Tattoo until June 2014 and have worked alongside her at the studio since. Continue reading Jacob Gwynn Ajna Tattoo