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Myke Chambers Seven Swords Tattoo Company

Myke Chambers Seven Swords Tattoo Company

myke and kyleIn keeping with our promise to bring you the best artists from around the globe we our proud to bring you this week’s Artist Spotlight. Our Artist Spotlight is on Myke Chambers of Seven Swords Tattoo Company in Philadelphia, PA. Myke Chambers is truly a master of the craft of tattooing, making his mark in the style of traditional tattoos with a side of Japanese. Myke’s bold, bright and saturated tattoos will surely stand out in a crowd.

We caught up with Myke in between appointments and before heading out to his next convention.

Myke Chambers

I remember briefly meeting you by Philadelphia Eddie’s booth at the 2nd Annual Asheville Tattoo Fest and remember you saying that you started to tattoo in the early/mid 90’s; how did you decide that tattooing was your life’s calling? Continue reading Myke Chambers Seven Swords Tattoo Company