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Art of Frank La Natra – Into the Woods Gallery

Art of Frank La Natra

Frank La Natra

In this Artist Spotlight, we are looking at the Art of Frank La Natra. We first met Frank La Natra at the Cape Tattoo Expo in Wilmington, NC. His unique style and way of telling a story in his artwork made him an artist to follow. Continue reading Art of Frank La Natra – Into the Woods Gallery

Star Wars Tattoos

Star Wars Tattoos

On May 25, 1977, most of our lives were changed forever. This is the day 20th Century Fox released Star Wars in movies theaters around the country. As a 5-year-old I was hooked for life; asking for Star Wars toys for birthdays and holidays. I even had Star Wars sheets, glasses and of course t-shirts of my favorite characters. We always knew there was something special about the stories George Lucas created, but we could never have imagined so many fans getting different Star Wars tattoos. While there has been a book published on some of the Star Wars tattoos that have been seen around the world we felt the need to share some of our favorite ones from artists we follow and admire. (Artist and Shop listed below all images) Continue reading Star Wars Tattoos

Tanane Whitfield


Tanane Whitfield

Tanane WhitfieldOur Artist Spotlight is with Tanane Whitfield from Studio Evolve Tattoo in Virginia Beach, VA. Tanane Whitfield has always been into art since a real young age, even going as far to sell his artwork to buy himself school clothes. Tanane’s work is considered on the side of New School and has worked alongside artists such as Frank La Natra, Timmy B and Jessie Smith. We caught up with Tanane to discuss his recent trip to South Florida’s Into the Woods Art Gallery.

You have been tattooing since 2008 and have developed a unique style of tattooing which reminds us of cartoon meets illustration with bright colors and wild designs. How did this style come about?

I always knew what style of art I was already leaning towards but wasn’t quite sure of how to get there. I had tons of help and inspiration from artist in the tattoo industry and outside of it. Jesse Smith helped me out a lot. Showing better ways to lay out a design and get my point across. Greg “Craola” Simkins was a huge influence from day one. As far as the color choices, I tend to be drawn more towards muted tones. Or, variations of primary and secondary colors. For example, I’ll swap out blue for teal. Yellow for Caramel. It just looks more natural to me and for what I do. Continue reading Tanane Whitfield