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Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Roland Pacheco Profile PictureThis week’s Artist Spotlight is on Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo, located in the small Hawaiian town of Hawi. Roland Pacheco specializes in the Polynesian style of tattooing. He may look familiar if you watched season 4 of Spike TV’s Ink Master. We caught up with Roland to talk about his artwork and his book Fundamentals of Traditional and Modern Polynesian Tattoo.

You have been tattooing for about 10 years now, has tattooing always been something that you wanted to do?

The short answer is, yes, however, I never set out to be a tattoo artist as much as I had been ‘guided’ by my own actions to become one. I know it sounds strange but it was as if all of the things that I had done, up to that point in my life in regards to art, was leading me to apply all of those things into becoming a tattoo artist. All of my fine art, commercial art and animation background were steps in that direction. Continue reading Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Sailor Jerry -Traditional Tattoos

Sailor Jerry -Traditional Tattoos

Norman Keith Collins "Sailor Jerry"Sailor Jerry -Traditional Tattoos. When you talk about tattoos there are many different styles like New School, Japanese, and Black & Gray to name a few.  One of my favorite styles is traditional with its clean lines, bold colors and simple design. When I think traditional tattoos the first name that comes to mind is Norman Keith Collins or better known as Sailor Jerry.  Today you can still see his flash and artwork in shops all over the world.  There is a great documentary on him called Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry that you can find online or buy from his website listed below. Even if you are not a fan of his work the documentary covers some of the history of Hawaii during World War II; I highly recommend watching. Continue reading Sailor Jerry -Traditional Tattoos

HPD approves new tattoo policy


HPD_Tattoo_ArmThere seems to be a new trend happening around the world about visible tattoos at work.  A lot of government agencies are requesting their employees to cover up their visible tattoos when at work.  On July 1st, 2014 Honolulu Police Department will require their on-duty officers to cover all visible tattoos and body piercing with long sleeves shirts and /or body makeup.  I wonder if they are going to make exceptions for kakau, a traditional tattoo art from most Polynesian islands like Hawaii.  Continue reading HPD approves new tattoo policy