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DJ Tambe

DJ Tambe of Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV

DJ Tambe | Bad Apple TattooThis weeks Artist Spotlight is on DJ Tambe of Bad Apple Tattoo located in Las Vegas, NV. You may remember DJ from Season 2 of Best Ink where he was runner up after Teresa Sharpe took the title of Best Ink.  You can see DJ tattooing in NV or at one of the numerous tattoo conventions and expos around the country.  We caught up with DJ between clients and traveling for a one on one interview.

AnoTat2:  When did you start tattooing? How did you get started?

DJ:  I started tattooing at the age of 14 unprofessionally, doing hand poked tattoos on myself and friends for extra money or whatever they wanted to trade for tattoos. At that point I didn’t care I just wanted to tattoo. I stole a bottle of Indian ink from art class, a needle from a sewing kit and started poking away. Continue reading DJ Tambe