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Saniderm Aftercare – Keep It Clean. Keep It Simple.

Saniderm Medical offers one of the finest tattoo aftercare products on the market. Have you ever had surgery and the surgeon or doctor covered the incision or wound with a clear waterproof bandage? If so then you know why Saniderm’s product works. It helps keep the newly tattooed area clean while keeping the aftercare simple.

Why chose Saniderm?

  • As mentioned above products similar to Saniderm have been used for 30 years in hospitals and surgery centers to cover wounds. Saniderm brings you the same sterile dressings to the tattoo industry in variable sizes at affordable prices.
  • Due to how the Saniderm product works, tattoos tend to heal quicker than compared to other aftercare products and methods. Scabbing is virtually eliminated, preventing the loss of color in your tattoo. What does this mean to you? Brighter colors and richer blacks all to make your new investment the piece of art you paid for.

If you have been getting tattoos for a long time like me then chances are your aftercare consisted of cleaning the tattoo in the shower after you took the bandage off, patting it dry and putting a light (very light) layer of A&D. Once the tattoo started to peel like dry skin you would then use non-scented hand cream until it completely healed. These were the directions I got in the 90’s and the same way I use to tend to my new ink. Sure there has been some aftercare products on the market but to be honest I never tried any of them. My aftercare steps always worked and I seemed happy with them. Well, I was wrong. When I started to investigate aftercare products for Another Tattoo we came across Saniderm and were blown away and this is why:

“Saniderm locks in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes, which would otherwise be lost to evaporation or scabs. These fluids keep cells hydrated and more effectively break down and remove dead tissue, so growth of new cells is stimulated and pain is significantly reduced. Saniderm provides a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and friction, while at the same time being completely breathable – inviting oxygen to the skin and eliminating bacteria growth. Studies show that wounds kept hydrated can heal twice as fast as dry wounds.”

Anybody who has ever gotten a tattoo always hates the healing period or time. With Saniderm, you can reduce the healing period while giving you an easier and simpler aftercare procedure.

Here’s how it works:

Saniderm Aftercare

Saniderm Aftercare

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