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Romeo Lacoste Our Artist Spotlight is with Romeo Lacoste of Art & Soul Tattoo in LA.  You may remember Romeo from season 3 of Best Ink in which he was eliminated in episode 8 and sent home. Since being sent home Romeo has been tattooing with  Alayna Magnan, also a season 3 artist in LA.  We caught up with Romeo for a one on one interview.

AnoTat2:  When did you start tattooing? How did you get started?

Romeo:  I wanted to be a tattoo artist at 17.  I didn’t get my first apprenticeship till 18, some drama fell thru at the shop and I had to get a different apprenticeship. My apprenticeship didn’t finish till I was about 21.

Romeo Lacoste

AnoTat2:  Have you always been interested in tattooing?

Romeo:  No,  I’ve always been into art but not until I  was 17 did the idea of being a tattoo artist come to me. The only social media was Myspace we didn’t have Tumblr and Instagram to get kids into tattoos at an early early age.

AnoTat2:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What was it?Romeo Lacoste

Romeo:  My first tattoo I did on myself when I was 17.  It’s a skull on my stomach; I’m getting it lasered off to make room for better tattoos.

AnoTat2:  The apprenticeship(s) you talked about above; who were they with?

Romeo:  The first was with the shop Kadillac Tattoo and the second was at this other shop Inkstainz.  I want to say I learned about how to run a good business and shop more than tattooing but it was great none the less.

AnoTat2:  How would you classify your style of tattooing?

Romeo:  I do all styles of tattooing but I’m trying to develop a steady style.  I  like to do illustrative, neo traditional and some new school.

Romeo Lacoste AnoTat2:  What artists have influenced you in your work?

Romeo:  I don’t let other artists influence me;  as I like to develop my own style.  If  I had to say what artist I respect, then I would say Nikko Hurtado, Teresa Sharpe, James Tex, Guy Atchison and Jeff Gogue.

AnoTat2:  If you could be tattooed by anyone who would it be?

Romeo:  This is a hard one; I would say either Nikko Hurtado or Jeff Gogue.

AnoTat2:  From your website you have a list of celebrities that you have tattooed; who was your favorite?

Romeo:  Also a hard question as most of them were really cool.  I would have to say We Came As Romans ; they aren’t the biggest name I’ve tattooed but definitely the funniest and nicest guys.

AnoTat2:  What were you thinking when you got Romeo Lacoste selected for Best Ink Season 3?

Romeo:  Life is too short.  There is not much time to second guess yourself or be too scared to make choices.  I wasn’t sure if I would go home first or take the title home but I just dived in head first.  Thats what I always do – fuck it take chances.

AnoTat2:  You were one of the youngest tattooers on season 3; do you think you that experience was a factor in why the group put you up for elimination?

Romeo:  The competition had a lot of factors to considerate. True I was one of the least experienced but I had the most potential.  My work wasn’t consistent I had a few tattoos that were good but not great.  I also did a few tattoos I thought were some of the best on the show. I do feel I got the bad end of the stick a lot; multiple times I got stuck with the skin and tattoo no one wanted.  Am I making excuses?  No, if I was more experienced I would have done better.  I am just pointing out that factors into how it all played out.

AnoTat2:  How was it tattooing with cameras and judges watching every line you were putting in the the tattoo?

Romeo:  The cameras I can deal with,  as I record videos on youtube of me tattooing bands and stuff.   Being judged on my tattoos was definitely a first.  I never had that and it was very interesting as well as stressful, but I learned a lot from it and it toughened my skin.

Romeo Lacoste

AnoTat2:  To us it seemed very stressful adding in a time factor; do you think that the “time frames” they give is a fair amount to correctly complete the tattoo assignment?

Romeo:  I think the time factor is fair.  They give you more than enough time to complete the work – 5-6 hours.  If you can’t finish a tattoo in that time you’re too slow and you need to practice. You shouldn’t be competing.  What I did think was unfair as I’ve mentioned was the different levels of difficulty the tattoos were.  A guy getting 5 hours on an easy tattoo compared to 5 hours on a dreadful tattoo no one wants – that was unfair.

Romeo Lacoste

AnoTat2:  How has appearing on TV helped you career? If asked to do another show would you?

Romeo:  I had a following before the show started, so it definitely didn’t kick start my career.  It did however boost it and help my image a lot.  As far for future shows; I won’t mention too much but I am working on something.

Romeo Lacoste AnoTat2:  What tattoo conventions do you attend? Which one is your favorite?

Romeo:  The only one I’ve attended was the Philly Tattoo Convention of 2014.   I will be doing all the major ones as I will be doing a lot more soon.  I don’t have a favorite one yet for now I enjoy tattooing out of my shop.  haha

AnoTat2:  What’s the best way for someone to book a tattoo with you at of Art & Soul Tattoo?

Romeo:  Email is the best  I also take appointments through my social media channels as well.

AnoTat2:  What can we expect to see from you in the future

Romeo:  I am hopefully working on another show!  I won’t give up too much detail at this time. haha

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