Tattoo Artist John Avanti San Francisco

Tattoo Artist John Avanti

Tattoo Artist John Avanti Anchor Image

In this Artist Spotlight, we will take a look at the work of tattoo artist John Avanti of San Francisco, California. John tattoos out of a shop called Ocean Avenue Tattoo  in the Ingleside Terraces section of San Francisco.

John started his career tattooing back in 2012 after helping his friend with the construction of the shop John would call home, Ocean Avenue Tattoo. Here is a sample of John’s artwork: Continue reading Tattoo Artist John Avanti San Francisco

Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App

Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App


Tattoodo, a digital community for all things tattoo-related co-founded by world famous tattoo artist Ami James (who you may remember from Miami Ink), is announcing its mobile application launch on iOS and Android. Think of Tattoodo’s app as Pinterest’s badass cousin, where you can find the content you crave through categories and tags, and share and compare your own ink with others. You can also view the latest designs by renowned tattoo artists showcasing their albums and even get an inside look at their shops.

Tattoodo is essentially a one-stop tattoo shop for every ink addicts’ needs and already has a fanbase of over 13 million tattoo lovers so users can find the inspiration they’re looking for. Continue reading Ami James and Tattoodo Releases Smartphone App

Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

Mike Rubendall
Photo by Joe Bottazzi Jr

If you have ever looked up tattoo artists on the internet the name Mike Rubendall is sure to be listed. Since the mid 90’s Mike has built a reputation for himself as a well-established tattooer. To keep up his momentum in the tattoo culture Mike has joined up with Ami James and the staff at Tattoodo to become Brand Ambassador.

Tattoodo has sent over Mike Rubendall’s bio to share with our followers and readers:

Mike Rubendall is the internationally renowned artist, entrepreneur, and the founder of Kings Avenue Tattoo. Mike has over twenty years experience in the tattoo industry and has received over fifty international awards for his work. Mike’s work has been featured in over 100 publications and magazines. Continue reading Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

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