Kristen Holley – Steadfast Sweetheart

Kristen Holley – Steadfast Sweetheart

Kristen_profile_picIn this Special Edition, we caught up with Kristen Holley, better known as Ms. Ruthless.  She currently models for the Steadfast Brand and is working towards becoming Miss Inked Up.  We had a chance to catch up with Kristen between photo shoots and attending school.

AnoTat2:  How long have you been an alternative model in the tattoo industry?

Kristen:  This will be my first year as an alternative model in the tattoo industry. I have done some modeling in the past but it was more for fun. I never really did anything with the photos.

AnoTat2:   Has modeling always been what you wanted to do?Kristen_Pic1

Kristen:  I have always wanted to model, but more so now that I am covered with tattoos. I love art and self-expression. What better way to show off my work.

AnoTat2:  When did you first start getting tattoos?

Kristen:  I got my first tattoo in 2006.

AnoTat2:  What was your first one?

Kristen:  It was just a little star outline on my forearm.

Kristen_Pic2AnoTat2:  Any story behind it?

Kristen:  My older sister and her best friend had tattoos so I wanted to get them too. I always looked up to my sister and thought she was so cool with all of her tattoos. I used to think she had so many but now I am the covered one and she has 7.

AnoTat2:  How long have you been a model for the Steadfast Brand?  We love their line “Tattooed and Employed”, every time I wear my shirt I always get complimented on it.

Kristen:  Yes I love the “Tattooed & Employed” line. I always getScreen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.25.56 AM so many compliments when I wear mine too. I met the owner Chris Collins at Hell City in April when I was there for Sullen‘s Miss Inked Up contest and in July, I became a Steadfast Sweetheart model. Such a great company to be working for.

InkedUp_KristenAnoTat2:  I know you are one of the candidates for the Inked up tour after winning the Miss Inked in Ohio for Sullen Clothing; how will winning this affect your career?

Kristen:  Winning the Miss Inked Up tour and becoming a Sullen Angel would affect my career so much. It would open so many doors and opportunities for me. I am eager for December to get here so I can see where this journey takes me.

AnoTat2:  In an earlier email your goal is to become a Sullen Angel – what is the process to become one?

Kristen:  I’m not sure exactly what the process to becoming a Sullen Angel is but I think it’s winning one of their contests or filling out their casting form online.  I found this link which explains exactly what they are looking for and how to become a Sullen Angel.

AnoTat2:  Besides modeling do you work anyplace else?Kristen_Pic3

Kristen:  Yes, I’m a bartender at a bar called Park Street Patio as well as a full-time student. I’m studying Managing Cosmetology and will be getting my diploma in December.

AnoTat2:  What do you do for fun and to unwind?

Kristen:  I have such a busy schedule between school and work so it’s rare for me to have any free time. But I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy movies and going to concerts. To unwind I like to catch up on some of my TV shows and spend time with my boyfriend and my pitbull Addy.

Kristen_TattooAnoTat2:  You have a very nice collection of tattoos; is there a particular shop or artist that does your work?

Kristen:  Thanks! I have had most of my work done by Billy White at Downtown Tattoo in Zanesville, OH. He is such a talented artist.

Editor’s Note: Billy White can be found on Instagram here.

AnoTat2:  Did you plan on any more tattoos?

Kristen:  I would like to finish my back piece and maybe a get a few more. It’s hard to say. I never expected to be this covered but I love every one of my tattoos and they are all meaningful in some way to me.

AnoTat2:  Have you ever been discriminated against due to your visible tattoos whenKristen_pic6 you were out in public?

Kristen:  Of course! We live in a very judgmental world. It’s never been anything too serious tho. It’s usually just rude comments. But over the years I have gotten completely used to it. People are always gonna have something to say about them. I don’t let these people ruin my day.

AnoTat2:  Have you been published in any magazines?

Kristen:  So far I have been published in 3 magazines.

  • Girls of Khaos
  • Browz Magazine Alternative Inked edition
  • Inked Girls

Kristen_SunsetAnoTat2:  Which one(s) would you love to appear in?

Kristen:  There are so many I would love to published in. We would be here all day if I listed them all but here are a few: Inked, Skin & Ink, Tattoo Savage, Rebel Ink, Tattoo Society.

AnoTat2:  Any advice for someone trying to break into the world of alternative modeling?

Kristen:  I don’t know if I would have much advice for someone trying to break into this line of work since I am kinda new to this too.  I would just say be confident and believe in yourself.  Set goals, stay focused and never give up on your dreams.

AnoTat2:  What can we expect or hope to see in the future?Kristen_Profile_pic2

Kristen:  I would love to start traveling more and shooting with other photographers for magazine publications as well as going to tattoo conventions and meeting people.

AnoTat2:  How can someone book you for a modeling shoot?

Kristen:   I am working on getting a website put together but for now to book an appointment with me you can email me here.

We look forward to seeing how Kristen’s career will evolve and how she makes out in the search for Ms. Inked Up.

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