Joey Hamilton Ink Master

Joey Hamilton Ink Master season 3 winner

Joey Hamilton Ink Master season 3 winner

Joey Hamilton Ink Master season 3 winnerThis weeks Artist Spotlight is on Joey Hamilton Ink Master season 3 winner and artist from Club Tattoo in Las Vegas. Joey with his solid and consistent tattoo work put him in the top 3.  He went on to take the title of Ink Master as well as the 100k in prize money and the write up in Inked Magazine.

We caught up with Joey to discuss his artwork and the time he spent competing on Ink Master.

AnoTat2:  We know that you started tattooing the last year you served in the USAF, we want to thank you for your service to this country.  How did you begin the journey down the road of a tattooer?

Joey:  First thank you,  I had about a year left in the USAF when I approached another airman named Rodney Folsom.  He was also tattooing at night in a local shop.  He was more than generous with his time and  instantly said yes to apprenticing me.  I spent about 3 months training and got a job at another shop which had had just opened a second studio.  I worked night shift in the USAF and the evening shift at the shop. When I got out a year later I traveled to South Florida  and got a job alongside Jason Stephan.  Which I learned a lot over the next 2 years.

AnoTat2:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?Joey Hamilton Tattoo

Joey:  I think I was 27.  Skulls and flames, of course, that’s one thing I grew up drawing.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table drawing up the design with my dad.  I kept asking if he liked it.

AnoTat2:  You first started tattooing down in Florida before relocating to Las Vegas, aka Sin City; what made you leave the sunshine state for the desert?

Joey:  I actually came out to Vegas on vacation. It was when Inked had finished the first season. I owned my own shop and I just wanted to do a guest spot. They offered me a job for the second season so I took it and stayed out here. I now work at a great shop called Club Tattoo with some amazingly talented artists.

Joey Hamilton TattooAnoTat2:  What artists have influenced your work throughout your career?

Joey:  I would say the first Major artist would be Deano Cook,  I was fortunate enough to get tattooed by him and that was invaluable at that time in my career.  I work with some great artists now and I would say we all push each other to do better.  I can’t say thanks enough to Chris Garcia and Walter Frank for making me a better artist.

AnoTat2:  Besides tattooing on skin what other mediums do you work with?

Joey:  Usually pencils and colored pencils,  I am looking to get intoJoey Hamilton Tattoo painting also.

AnoTat2:  If you were getting a tattoo tomorrow ; who would you ask to do it?

Joey:  I just got tattooed by Chris Garcia, now I need to finish my sleeve.

AnoTat2:  Let’s talk about your time on Ink Master. During the 3rd season your work was consistently solid; did you have any doubts that you were going to make it to the finale or win for that matter?

Joey:  I think everyone had doubts in the beginning.  With Craig starting off so strong I thought he was going to be tough to beat.  About half way through I thought I had a really good chance to make the final 3. I knew it was going to be down to myself and Jime.  I must say though Tatu Baby was tough also.

Joey Hamilton TattooAnoTat2:  Watching the show it looked like you, Craig Foster and Jime Litwalk were going to be the three to make it to the finale; were you surprised to see Craig going home while others stayed?

Joey:  Yes of course at that stage I think Joshua had been to the bottom 4 times. I know that was the second time Craig was down but I don’t think they were judging on proportion when they eliminated him.

AnoTat2:  From day one you had solid work week after week; did you ever have any thoughts you may be eliminated?

Joey:  Honestly it was nerve-racking; I always thought I did something wrong. I’m my own worst critic.

AnoTat2:  How do you think winning the title Ink Master has done for your Joey Hamilton Tattoocareer as a tattoo artist?

Joey:  Well I was already busy at Club Tattoo, but now I am definitely booked up for a bit.  I think all the press over the next year will be great for me.

AnoTat2:  After winning $100k what are you planning to use the money on?

Joey:  I am going to put a lot of it away for my retirement and also take a vacation!!

AnoTat2:  Now that the show is over and you are back in Las Vegas has everything calmed down for you?  Are you still riding that high from winning?

Joey:  I am definitely riding the wave now.

AnoTat2:  After being on the show; any regrets?  If they did a show with all the past seasons winners – would you be on it?

Joey:  No regrets for sure,  I might think differently if I didn’t win.   It would the best show ever if they brought back the winners to compete against each other.!! GAME ON

AnoTat2:  Tattoo conventions – do you attend any of them? If so which ones?Joey Hamilton Tattoo

Joey:  I will be doing more this year,  Best of the Midwest, Evergreen Tattoo Invitational, Great Britain Tattoo Convention, Ink Life Tour OKC, hopefully, some Canada shows and Australia just to name a few.

AnoTat2:  With tattoo shops popping up on every street corner do you feel that all these tattoo shows are helping or hurting the tattoo industry?

Joey:  I think they are actually helping the industry, more and more people are seeing what can be done with tattoos.  I don’t like the ones though that make us look like jackasses.

Joey Hamilton TattooAnoTat2:  Last but not least what should the tattoo community and your fans expect to see from you in the upcoming future?

Joey:  I think just more traveling,  I know a lot of people travel to Vegas but I think I need to get out and meet the fans.

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I do hope the producers of Ink Master consider doing a series on the past winners to put Ink Master vs Ink Master to see who the best of the best is.  We will just have to wait and see.

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