Jessica Seamons

Jessica Seamons Sullen Angel

Jessica Seamons Sullen Angel

Jessica Seamons Sullen AngelIn this Special Edition, we caught up with Jessica Seamons a new Sullen Angel and beautiful alternative model.  Jessica was the overall winner of Sullen Angel’s Miss Inked Up 2013 tour.  Jessica first came into the Sullen spotlight after winning at the Seattle Tattoo Convention for Miss Inked Up Seattle.  We had the pleasure of catching up with Jessica between photo shoots and promotional jobs.

AnoTat2:  How long have you been a model?

Jessica:  I’ve been in the modeling scene for almost 3 years and I’ve been a part of the Tattoo Modeling Community under a year.

AnoTat2:  Has alternative modeling always been what you wanted to do?Jessica Seamons Sullen Angel

Jessica:  Every since I didn’t reach my full dream height of 5′ 9″ I’ve been looking for an “alternative” way to model but I didn’t know for sure until last year that I wanted to pursue it.  

AnoTat2:  When did you first start getting tattoos?

Jessica:  In college 🙂 as soon as I was 18.

AnoTat2:  What was it?

Jessica:  It’s a sword and shield with inspirational quotes on a banner.

Jessica Seamons Sullen AngelAnoTat2:  I know you won the Sullen and Rockstar Energy Drink contest for Miss Inked Up 2013 after winning Miss Inked Up Seattle; how has winning these events helped your career?

Jessica:  It’s been a launching pad is the easiest way to put it. Sullen Clothing and Rockstar Energy are well-respected companies so winning the Rockstar Energy Inked Up Tour 2013 was a complete honor that has opened up quite a few doors.

AnoTat2:  How has been working with the team from Sullen?

Jessica:  Like a dream. They are all such highly respectable, amazing people. I love spending my time with them and contributing to their incredible family.

AnoTat2:  Besides modeling do you work anyplaceJessica Seamons Sullen Angel else? Do they have any “Tattoo Policy”?

Jessica:  Yes I am the Marketing Director for a Nicotine Alternative Retail Store called Vapor Lord. The only Tattoo Policy we have there is show them and love them 🙂

AnoTat2:  Living in Boise, Idaho what type of reaction do you get when people see your artwork?

Jessica:  More and more I am getting a lot of positive ” I love your work” comments. The vast majority of the Treasure Valley is still very conservative and I hear ” oh honey how is your skin going to look when you’re 90″ comments a lot. My retort is always polite and I kindly tell them everyone always wishes for younger skin when they are 90.

AnoTat2:  Have you ever been discriminated against due to your visible tattoos when you were out in public?

Jessica Seamons Sullen AngelJessica:  Yes, all the time. I’ve been turned down for jobs. I’ve been pointed and whispered at as I walk by… It’s all part of the conservative community, but little by little I am helping the change.

AnoTat2:  Do you have a particular shop or artist that does your work?

Jessica:  I have 2 main artists Brandon Smith who owns a Private studio called Lifestyle Tattoo and Michael Swan at Resurrected Tattoo.

AnoTat2: Do you plan on any more tattoos?

Jessica:  Does a starving man want food?? 🙂

AnoTat2:  If you could get tattooed by any Sullen Collective Artist, who would it be and why?

Jessica:  I badly want a piece by Bob Tyrrell. I got to meet and spend time with him in December. He’s one heck of an artist and  a hell of an individual.

AnoTat2: Is there any Sullen Angel you are looking forward to Jessica Seamons Sullen Angelhaving a photo shoot with?

Jessica:  I would love I do a shoot with Bernadette.

AnoTat2:  What can we expect or hope to see in the future?

Jessica:  More fun photos and hopefully a few covers 🙂

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