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Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

Mike Rubendall
Photo by Joe Bottazzi Jr

If you have ever looked up tattoo artists on the internet the name Mike Rubendall is sure to be listed. Since the mid 90’s Mike has built a reputation for himself as a well-established tattooer. To keep up his momentum in the tattoo culture Mike has joined up with Ami James and the staff at Tattoodo to become Brand Ambassador.

Tattoodo has sent over Mike Rubendall’s bio to share with our followers and readers:

Mike Rubendall is the internationally renowned artist, entrepreneur, and the founder of Kings Avenue Tattoo. Mike has over twenty years experience in the tattoo industry and has received over fifty international awards for his work. Mike’s work has been featured in over 100 publications and magazines. Continue reading Mike Rubendall Joins Tattoodo

7 Things to Know About Getting a Tattoo

7 Things to Know About Getting a Tattoo

woman getting a tattoo under chest tattoo image Empire State Tattoo Convention 2015

Ever since Miami Ink aired on the TLC network back in 2005 tattoos have become very popular. Once Ami James opened up the “world of tattooing” to the masses there seems to be a shop on every corner of America. Before 2000 in many areas it was illegal to operate a Tattoo Shop. Just think from 1961 to 1997 it was illegal to tattoo someone in the 5 boroughs of NYC; it was banned by the Health Department. Now every State, Town and / or City has their own rules and regulations on what they consider “safe”. So how does one find a reputable shop or artist? Here are 7 things to know about getting a tattoo and before sitting in any chair for your newest piece of artwork. Continue reading 7 Things to Know About Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

Dave Champion Image Tattoo
(Image Source –

Tattoo discrimination in the workplace is more common then one might think. With the number of people who have tattoos increase so are the chances of being discriminated against. It is said that a tattooed person does not pass judgment on a person with no tattoos but it can be said the other way around – for the most part. Who agrees with me? Dave Champion does; in fact he is bringing the same passion on tattoo discrimination in the workplace as he does to fight for our liberty.

Tattooed Need Not Apply

Almost every generation or ethnic group is faced with some type of discrimination. Just think back to the 60’s and the hippie movement, when signs were posted at businesses stating “No Long Hair People Need Apply”. As Dave Champion stated in his blog article titled, “The Ugly Truth About Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace” we first need to understand what discrimination is:

Discriminate: (verb, used without object) – to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit.1

Basically it boils down to hiring managers, HR departments and / or recruiters who have a misconception that appearance is directly related to one’s ability to do a specific job. As Dave Champion said in his article: Continue reading Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace