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Austin Weiss – Custom Fabricator and Tattoo Collector

Austin Weiss – Custom Fabricator and Tattoo Collector

Astin_Weiss_office1Many people know Austin Weiss as a custom fabricator; turning cars, trucks and motorcycles into works of art.  He has appeared in American Iron Magazine for his work.  He has built motorcycles for Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light), Krieger Watch Company and (from the Black Eye Peas).  He has just completed “The Zombie Jeep” for one of his clients in Texas.

Here are some pictures of his work:

Krieger Watch Bike
BudLight Bike
zombie jeep
Zombie Jeep

Another Tattoo:  What project are you currently working on?

Austin:  I have been asked by the Smithsonian to restore one of Hitler’s personal cars. Adolf Hitler was one the worst men to walk the face of the planet. Ordered the Killing of all Jews because of religion and half my family was erased by the gas chambers. This is why 16 blue eyed skulls with Family is tattooed on my entire right arm.  Now, a tattooed messianic Jewish boy is restoring one of his limousines for a museum, for history to see and never forget what he did. “Arbeit Macht Frei” was what the gates of Auschwitz said whenIMG_7076 - Copy my family walked through after unloading off the trains. That means “work will set you free.” Well, 70 plus years later I fulfilled that for all men and women whose loved ones were lost to an evil man’s sick dreams of an Aryan race… Guess he forgot about Karma.  One tree can make a million match sticks, but it only takes one match to burn the entire forest down! Continue reading Austin Weiss – Custom Fabricator and Tattoo Collector