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Asheville Tattoo and Piercing Expo 2015

Asheville Tattoo and Piercing Expo 2015

NC Tattoo Expo ImageThe 2nd Annual Asheville Tattoo and Piercing Expo will take place June 26th through the 28th at the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, NC.  This event is also being called the NC Tattoo Expo, which was the convention hosted by Little John’s Tattoo in Greensboro, NC. The North Carolina Tattoo Expo is a family friendly event brought to you “By the tattoo Family, For the tattoo Family”. They welcome anyone that is interested in tattoo culture, whether tattooed or not. Throughout the weekend there will be many different events including pin up contests, tattoo competitions and even a car show not to mention tons of live tattooing. So show up and show out!

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Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Roland Pacheco Profile PictureThis week’s Artist Spotlight is on Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo, located in the small Hawaiian town of Hawi. Roland Pacheco specializes in the Polynesian style of tattooing. He may look familiar if you watched season 4 of Spike TV’s Ink Master. We caught up with Roland to talk about his artwork and his book Fundamentals of Traditional and Modern Polynesian Tattoo.

You have been tattooing for about 10 years now, has tattooing always been something that you wanted to do?

The short answer is, yes, however, I never set out to be a tattoo artist as much as I had been ‘guided’ by my own actions to become one. I know it sounds strange but it was as if all of the things that I had done, up to that point in my life in regards to art, was leading me to apply all of those things into becoming a tattoo artist. All of my fine art, commercial art and animation background were steps in that direction. Continue reading Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo

Texas Tattoo Jam 2015 A Bust

Texas Tattoo Jam 2015 A Bust

Texas Tattoo Jam Logo ImageThis weekend was the Texas Tattoo Jam in San Antonio, TX at the San Antonio Convention Center. The convention came to a stop about 2pm on Saturday when the decorator showed up with a bounced check in hand and wanted to break down the pipe, drapes, tables and chairs. The entertainers wanted to be paid and there was no money to pay them. The venue had been alerted of a funding issue but was willing to let the event go on as they knew it was not the artist or tattoo collector’s fault. A decision was made to cancel the remainder of the show due to these circumstances out their control.

Allegedly, the promoter of the event, Renee “Red” Neilson skipped out on paying the hotel bill, bounced a check with the decorator and had not paid the contracted amount to the convention center. Even with the convention center agreeing to allow Renee “Red” Neilson to pay them throughout the event there was just not enough money. Continue reading Texas Tattoo Jam 2015 A Bust