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Tattoo by featured artist Paul Kirk

Paul Kirk Owl TattooSince the beginning of Another Tattoo we have talked about how to pick an artist and how to select a shop or studio.  Back in August we put our own advice to work and drove 4 hours to a shop in West Virginia.  This is no regular tattoo studio, this was Bare Knuckles Tattoo owned by the talented Paul Kirk.  My wife has been a fan of Paul’s work since we first met him back at the 18th Annual North Carolina Convention in Greensboro, NC.  Paul has a very unique style the way he uses bold colors and the use of bright color ink that just makes the piece shine.  So we set a appointment up and drove to his shop where he was waiting to create another Paul Kirk Original Tattoo.

This was a perfect opportunity not only to see Paul’s studio, which is more like an art gallery but to document the complete process for anyone who might be thinking of getting their first tattoo.

Tattoo SetupWe had previously discussed Marie’s tattoo with Paul so he knew how big,Tattoo Foot Pre-Tattoo design and what she was looking for in an owl.  After our 4 hour road trip from NC to WV we made it to Bare Knuckles Tattoo where we were greeted as family by Paul and staff.  After a few quick tweaks to the design it was on to the tattoo station where preparation work was already under way.

Tattoo PlacementFor the collector the next step is to have the area in which will be Tattoo Stencil tattooed cleaned with green soap and shaved.  This ensures the area is clean and will reduce the risks of infection.  After the area is cleaned and prepped, the artist Paul placed the stencil on the area where it is verified for placement and clients approval.

Now comes the fun part.  Paul started by using black to outline the main sections of the tattoo as seen below.

Paul Kirk Out linning Paul Kirk Out LinningOut Lineing OwlOut Line Complete

At this point you have a good idea of what the tattoo is going to look like.  Since Marie wanted a “Paul Kirk Original”, which uses a unique combination of colors and shading is about to get started.  You can see the tray setup go from black to full color  where your mind starts to imagine how the artist will use the colors in their design.

Color Tattoo Color

We added the rest of the progression to the lower picture gallery where you see the tattoo go from outline to fully healed.

Remember to follow your artist’s aftercare instructions and recommendations.  Every artist has his or her own tips, products and theory on the best way to get your tattoo to heal properly.  During the healing process if you ever have any questions or concerns CALL the artist and they will advise you on what to do or put your mind at ease.  As for Marie, she is very pleased with her new tattoo from Paul and was well worth an 8 hour (round trip) road trip for it.  Just remember it’s your body and tattoos are permanent (for the most part) so don’t just choose a shop because your friend knows a guy or it’s convenient.  Do your homework and you will have a piece of art that you will be proud of for years to come.


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New Look & Feel

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.46.01 AMIn case you have not heard or seen Another Tattoo got a new look & feel a few weeks ago. So far the feedback we have gotten on the new layout has been very positive and we thank all our followers for their support.

I just wanted to give you a quick update for what we have in store in the next few weeks:

  • We have lined up some interviews with some top tattoo artists around the country.  I don’t want to say any names just yet so we don’t ruin any surprises.
  • We have more Special Edition articles coming on some of the top alternate models.
  • We will have a follow up from the P.INK Day event being held at Saved Tattoo on 10-21-2013.
  • We will be migrating the Blog site to be part of the main site (will be a link on the top bar) as we move away from Blogger as the engine behind this blog.
  • We will be posting our first progression tattoo article that shows the start to finish of a tattoo for any of our followers that have yet to get their INK on.
  • We are in the finial stages of releasing a custom hosting solution for the Body Art Industry at an affordable price so that everyone can see their work.
  • We are still seeking companies for AD spots on the site. So if your interested in having your company advertise with us please fill out the Contact Us form and we will email you our AD package.



DC 24 Hour Wait

DC24HREarlier this month the news broke a story about a new regulation requiring tattoo goers to wait 24 hours before getting a tattoo in Washington DC. This is being spearheaded by D.C. Council member Yvette M. Alexander(D-Ward 7) and the District Health Regulators.  If passed, this new regulation would also include certain body piercings.  You can read the complete 66-page draft on the new regulations regarding “Body Art” here.

In an article, I read on another publication one of the reasons for this new regulation was “buyers remorse”.  The whole idea that an individual will wake up in the morning and say, “Oh no – What did I do?” is completely mind boggling.

Here are my two cents on it:

  • I have been getting tattoos since the 90’s and each one was thought about for a while and discussed with an artist before putting my idea(s) into skin.  The idea that I can’t walk into a shop and if the artist I want has availability with enough time to do my piece it can’t be done.  Not only will this waste my time but cost the shop money.  Every time a person walks out of a shop it is lost revenue – not only to the shop but the Town, City, County, State, etc….
  • I personal believe this is targeted at our industry directly and should not be passed based on the fact it imposes regulations that directly affect how “we” as an industry earn money to feed our families.  Some might say this new regulation (if it passes) only effects shops in Washington DC and the rest of us should not worry about it.  If you think this is true, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.  Once a law/regulation like this gets passed it’s just another liberty and freedom we as Americans loose.
  • If the new regulation is supposed to be geared towards people (tattoo clients) who are intoxicated and would regret their tattoo in the morning (or whenever they sober up) then they need to amend it to state – Don’t Tattoo or Pierce someone that is known or it is obviously drunk. Most reputable shops would send the drunk on his / her way home.  This is common sense.
  • Last but not least; if the regulation is aimed to stop people from getting a tattoo from a scratcher or pierced by a kitchen wizard this won’t help.  These people are already breaking most county and state health codes already.  This does not include their locations home business permitting by doing these type of activities at of their home or back alley.  (Wherever these people work from.) So what makes the DC Department of Health think this would stop this type of illegal activity? Correct – it won’t.  It just makes it harder for our shops to earn an income.
If you want to help to defeat this new regulation please go online and fill out this online petition here.
If you have other thoughts on this please feel free to share them.


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