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Paul Kirk of Bare Knuckles Tattoo

Paul Kirk of Bare Knuckles Tattoo

Paul_KirkOur Artist Spotlight is on Paul Kirk of Bare Knuckles Tattoos.  The shop is located in Charleston, WV where they offer some of the best custom tattoos around.  Another Tattoo caught up with Paul after his return from the DC tattoo expo where he won best tattoo cover up and best fine art.

Another Tattoo:  How long have you been tattooing for?

Paul:  I have been tattooing for 19 years this year.

Another Tattoo:  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  What was it?

Paul:  14 when I got my first tattoo, it was a little guy with 2 smoking pistols. Continue reading Paul Kirk of Bare Knuckles Tattoo

Interview with Vinnie Myers

Interview with Vinnie Myers

Last week we posted an article called “Tattoos & Breast Cancer” where tattoo artist Vinnie Myers helped breast cancer survivors in their healing process by performing medical tattoos.  We caught up with Vinnie by phone about his work.

Another Tattoo:  We know you started tattooing in the 80’s while you were a medic in the US Army.  Were you self-taught or did you study under someone?

Vinnie Myers:  I am self-taught, my roommate at the time (while stationed in Korea) was heavily tattooed and I made a homemade machine to start with.  It was not until after I got out of the service that I bought professional equipment. Continue reading Interview with Vinnie Myers