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Interviews with international tattoo artists

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Kelly SmithIn this week’s Artist Spotlight we traveled over the pond again and caught Kelly Smith of Five Magics Tattoo Sheffield, UK. Kelly’s traditional tattoo work caught our eye one day online and we have been a fan ever since. We have a soft spot for traditional tattoos and love sharing artists like Kelly Smith artwork. You can tell she enjoys doing this style and does an amazing job at it.

Your portfolio is full of bold and solid traditional tattoos; have you always done traditional tattoos? Do you ever venture into any other styles?

When I first started out tattooing I did a bit of everything and around two years ago I started doing some traditional style tattoos. I really enjoyed doing it and even though I found it very difficult, it appealed to me. From there I kept doing more and more traditional tattoos and kept working hard to develop my style and technique. I’m still trying to do that. For me, I still want to explore and see how far I can go with traditional tattoos. Continue reading Kelly Smith

Dave Segura

Dave Segura

Dave SeguraKeeping with our plan to include international artists from around the globe, we are pleased to bring you our Artist Spotlight with Dave Segura. Dave Segura is an artist from Costa Rica, a very small country compared to the United States. Dave Segura has been tattooing now for the last 10 years, when he started in this industry, it was something that was really complicated in this country, everything that had to do with tattoos was complicated here. There were just a few tattoo studios and most of them were located in the country’s capital and it was a somewhat closed group so for Dave it was really difficult to find information about tattooing. Dave begun to take art classes to work on his art skills and worked with other local artists to learn the skills needed to tattoo, and tattoo the correct way. We caught up with Dave to discuss tattooing. Continue reading Dave Segura

Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson of OSC Tattoo, UK

Adam_Hudson_ProfileOur Artist Spotlight is on Adam Hudson of OSC Tattoo Stourbridge, United Kingdom. Adam Hudson is a traditional tattooer making a name for himself by giving his clients clean bold tattoos.  We caught up with Adam for an interview after the Leeds International Tattoo Exposition.

Here is what Adam had to say about tattooing and art:

AnoTat2:  How long have you been tattooing?

Adam:  I did my first tattoo a year and 4 months ago but I’ve been tattooing now full time for a year and 1 month. Continue reading Adam Hudson